How Secure is my Data?

We support the latest secure connection standards (TLS 1.2).  Communications between our server and your mail server are always encrypted end to end.  However, we support non-secure connections (we do not put a restricution).

With your Google account we are using OAUTH2 validation:

 Google issues to us a time limited access token, which allows us to access your gmail, read only access to your contacts, and minimal profile information. We are able to renew the token, as long as your Google account is linked to us. It can be unlinked from your Google account settings at any time. We never receive and see your Google password.

We are requesting access to Gmail (we need to access it to serve you the data), minimal profile information (so your assistant could address you by your name), and contacts, in read-only mode, so you could send mail out based on the name of recipient, by saying "Send mail to John", rather than telling your assistant an email address and avoid mistakes made by speech recognition engine, which is very likely to misinterpret spoken email addresses.

For non-Google accounts, we store your passwords in our database, but they are highly encrypted, and if our database ever gets compromised, it will be still virtually impossible to use them.  We are planning to implement OAUTH2, similar to Google, with Yahoo accounts too at some point.

We do not store emails and contacts that pass through our server. We deliver the information straight from mail server to client.

If you still have concerns, please contact us.

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