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If you are getting "This server was built after your support expiry date"....

Please download v1.2.4.0, and follow upgrade instructions.

When uninstalling the previous version, you may see the warning, that you will be unable to install new version, because your support has expired. Please ignore the warning, new version WILL install.

We apologize for inconvenience.

You Control Your Email

If you would like to take full control over email and shared files for your business or family, you are at the right place.

Welcome to the home of ArGoSoft Mail Server and FTP Server. Servers, bundled with most of the possible "bells" big mail servers offer, and all that - at an affordable price.

Cut down your costs! No need in 3rd party service providers. Host your email yourself! All you need is a Windows computer, capable to run .NET 4.5 or higher (Windows Vista SP2 or later), and access to Internet.

Access, and soon, administer, the server through mobile friendly web interface. Web server is built in. No third party servers are needed.

Start Your Free Trial Today

Download our servers and start 30 day trial, risk free: No registration or sign up is required. Download, install, use, enjoy...

And don't forget to check out Sonus Mail, our Google Assistant™ application. Just say: OK Google, talk to Sonus Mail to your Google Home device.


Mail Server is US$149.00, FTP Server - US$59.00. Includes one computer license and support and free upgrades for one year. See our registration page for more.

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